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FIFA World Cup stadiums

FIFA World Cup 2018 will take place in Russia for the first time. At the moment, the stadiums and sports arenas are being seriously prepared for the future World Cup matches in all involved cities.

FIFA World Cup 2018 will take place in Russia for the first time. At the moment, the stadiums and sports arenas are being seriously prepared for the future World Cup matches in all involved cities.


Russian stadiums for FIFA World Cup 2018

Olympic Complex Luzhniki

Stadium "Spartak"

Stadium "Zenit Arena"

Stadium "Kazan Arena” 

Stadium "Fisht"

Stadium "Pobeda"

“Central Stadium”

Stadium “Cosmos Arena“

Stadium “Mordovia Arena”

Stadium "Volga Arena” 

Stadium "Kaliningrad"

Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow

Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow

Arena, which will host the 2018 World Cup

Spartak Stadium in Moscow

Spartak Stadium in Moscow

The stadium Zenit-Arena in St. Petersburg

The stadium "Zenit-Arena" in St. Petersburg


The stadium Kazan Arena

The stadium "Kazan Arena"


Stadium Fischt in Sochi

Stadium "Fischt" in Sochi


Stadium Pobeda in Volgograd

Stadium "Pobeda" in Volgograd


Stadium Central in Ekaterinburg

Stadium "Central" in Ekaterinburg


Stadium Space Arena in Samara

Stadium "Space Arena" in Samara


Stadium Arena Mordovia Saransk

Stadium "Arena Mordovia" Saransk


Stadium Volga Arena in Nizhny Novgorod

Stadium "Volga Arena" in Nizhny Novgorod


Stadium Kaliningrad

Stadium "Kaliningrad"


2018 FIFA World Cup stadiums: the ready ones and being currently built.


Olympic Complex Luzhniki

The Luzhniki Olympic Complex is the largest stadium in Russia, has “elite” status according to UEFA stadium categories. The Opening Ceremony of the Championship and the Finals will be held here. Luzhniki will be renovated to become the best Sport Arena in Europe. The artificial turfgrass will be replaced with the natural one, and the ventilation system will be improved. Luzhniki stadium capacity is 81000 fans.

Address: Luzhniki embankment 24, Moscow

Spartak Stadium

2017 FIFA Confederations Cup and WORLD CUP matches will take place in the Stadium "Spartak" located at Metro Tushino. The arena is fully prepared and doesn’t need reconstruction. The stadium capacity is 45000 seats.

Address: Malyy Oleniy pereulok, 23, Moscow

St. Petersburg

Stadium "Zenit Arena"

The Stadium is currently being built on Krestovsky Island, at the place where there used to be the Kirov Stadium. The new sport arena will open its doors at the end of May 2017. The stadium " Zenit - Arena" in St. Petersburg for the World Cup 2018 will have the capacity of 70 000 seats.

During precipitation, the tip structures will be transformed into a waterproof canopy. The innovative technologies will make it possible to design a “mobile turfgrass", that will be moved away from the field during the cultural events.

The stadium " Zenit - Arena" in St. Petersburg for the World Cup 2018. Address: Krestovsky Ostrov, Severnaya doroga.


Stadium "Kazan Arena”

The stadium is fully prepared, has been built for the 2013 Summer Universiade. The capacity is more than 45 000 people. It is the second largest stadium In Russia after the “Luzhniki".

The football field was replaced in 2015 with the swimming pools when WORLD CUP Aquatics took place.

Kazan Arena has Europe's largest media FullHD facade (3 700 sq. m).

Stadium “Kazan Arena” in Kazan to the 2018 WORLD CUP, address: Yamasheva Prospekt, 115 a.


Fisht Olympic Stadium

Fisht Olympic Stadium is an architectural landmark of the XXII Olympic Winter Games, the main object of the Sochi Olympic Park. The opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games were held here.

The original design looks like a giant shell and at the same time reminds the snowy Fisht mountain, which gave its name to the stadium. The Capacity of 40 000 seats will be expanded to 45 000 for the 2016 FIFA WORLD CUP.

Fisht Stadium address: Imeretinsky Valley, Olympic Park, Sochi.


Stadium "Pobeda"

The construction of the stadium began in March 2015, in-situ of the Central Stadium. The construction is allocated 16.5 billion rubles. It will be the first arena made of cable structures in Russia, suitable for people with disabilities.

Stadium "Pobeda" in Volgograd for FIFA World Cup 2018. Address: Lenina Prospekt, 76.


On the left bank of the Don, a new stadium for 45 seats is currently being built. Five World Cup matches are scheduled there. Reconstructed Lokomotiv Stadium will be used as a training base for football teams.


Stadium “Cosmos Arena“

The new stadium (an operating name: "Cosmos Arena”) is currently being built nearby village Sorokiny Khutora, not far away from the Samara Radio Centre, the capacity is 45 000 seats.


Stadium “Mordovia Arena”

The stadium will open its doors in 2017. The advanced infrastructure will offer to the visitors two shopping complexes, a helicopter landing pad, four-star hotels, business and entertainment center. The creative “red sun” design will look like the flag of Mordovia.

Nizhny Novgorod

Stadium "Volga Arena”

The new stadium is being built nearby the famous spit cape Strelka, where rivers Oka and Volga meet. The building and construction work are scheduled to be completed in 2017. The capacity is 45 000 seats.


“Central Stadium”

An old stadium built in 1957 in Soviet times, is now being reconstructed. It will remain the design of the façade and the capacity of 35 000 seats.

Central Stadium in Yekaterinburg for the 2018 FIFA WORLD CUP, address: Repin str, 5.


Stadium "Kaliningrad"

"Kaliningrad" Stadium is being built especially for the 2018 WORLD CUP. The multifunctional arena will room 35 000 seats. The location is Oktyabrskiy Island, a public business area between two river corridors Old and New Pregolya.

The 2018 WORLD CUP contracts in these cities were signed in 2014. All 2018 World Cup stadiums should be ready in 2017.


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