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Park Arboretum

Park Arboretum in Sochi is the jewel in the crown of Russian subtropics. This magnificent park is the habitat of rare birds and animals and has more than 2000 species of exotic plants.

Park Arboretum in Sochi is the jewel in the crown of Russian subtropics. This magnificent park is the habitat of rare birds and animals and has more than 2000 species of exotic plants. You are welcome to enjoy the beautiful nature views of the Park, the sea and the mountains with the help of the Arboretum Cableway.



Kurortnyy pr., 74, Sochi, Krasnodarskiy Kray, 354002, Russia


+7 (862)267-16-46


The Park is open from 8.00 to 20.00
The ticket office is closing at 18.00
The Arboretum Cableway: 9.00 – 18.00;
on Mondays from 11.00;
The Greenhouse: 9.00 – 18.00,
closed between 13.00 and 14.00.


Adult ticket - 250 rubles
Child ticket - 120 rubles
Children under 7 years - free entrance.



Park Arboretum in Sochi

Ancient columns in a semicircle shape
welcome you at the Park entrance.

Park Arboretum in Sochi

You will soon discover inner harmony and peace walking among
the romantic arbours, beautiful fountains and ponds.

You will see the exotic birds and animals.

Peacocks, ostriches, swans
Exotarium and Aquarium

The Park history

Sochi Arboretum was founded in 1982, by a famous journalist and play-writer, Serge Khudekov. He was the editor and publisher of the “St. Petersburg Newspaper”. He participated personally in the establishing of the Park.

The Hunting House, The Greenhouse and Villa “Nadezhda” are great places you are welcome to visit today. The Central Alley of the Park was designed in the Italian style; the other areas were built in a free style. Many city citizens enjoyed walking in the Park during weekends.

In the middle of the last century, the Park area had been expanded and reconstructed. The new amazing attractions were created:

  • The Rose Garden;
  • Cascading Ponds;
  • The Cableway.

In the Geographic Department, you can see the rare plants from the Himalayas, China, Japan, North and South America as well as from the Far East.

The Arboretum particular aspects:

We recommend you to book a whole day in your calendar for visiting the Park. In this case, you will manage to see everything. The area of the Park in around 48000 square meters.The Arboretum has two main parts:

  1. The Upper Park;
  2. The Lower Park.

The fresh air, exotic plants and unique architecture with fantastic fountains, arbours and rotundas will take you on a spiritual journey of discovering the Russian culture.

If you get tired, you can take a cup of coffee or have lunch at the cafe. There is also a little shopping area where you can buy souvenirs.

In the exhibition hall in the Upper Park of the Arboretum, you can buy the rootstocks of the southern exotic plants: oleanders, palms or boxwood. There is also an Aviary with peacocks and ostriches just nearby. Other interesting places are: the Japanese Garden, the Chinese Garden and the Waterfall Cave. You are welcome to take cool photos with the incredible sea views.

The Lower Park is more peaceful and calm. In the small lakes, you will find swans, pelicans and ducks. The Exotarium and Aquarium are located here.

We would kindly advise you to come to the Park in the morning while there are not too many people. To get more practical information, please see the map of Sochi Arboretum Park.  

Welcome to wonderful Sochi!


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