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Musical fountains

Musical fountains in Sochi is one of the most beautiful city attractions. A "Firebird" spreads the wings at the lake and illumines the summer evening in one of the parks in Sochi. The Singing Fountains start an amazing show where water and music are playing together in a magical dance.

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Health and sport

FIFA World Cup stadiums

FIFA World Cup 2018 will take place in Russia for the first time. At the moment, the stadiums and sports arenas are being seriously prepared for the future World Cup matches in all involved cities.

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Health and sport

Fisht Olympic Stadium

Fisht Stadium was the main sports arena during the 2014 Winter Olympics. The design of the stadium was inspired by Mount Fisht and named after it. The unusual shape of the arena visually reminding the mountain has ensured the harmony with nature of the Imeretinskaya Valley.

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Health and sport

Sochi Olympic Park

Sochi Olympic Park constructed for the 2014 Winter Olympics is located in the Adler City District of Sochi, Imeretinskaya Valley. What is most remarkable is that all the coastal athletic venues are placed close to each other within walking distance.

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Park Arboretum

Park Arboretum in Sochi is the jewel in the crown of Russian subtropics. This magnificent park is the habitat of rare birds and animals and has more than 2000 species of exotic plants.

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Where to eat

Restaurant "Blue Sea”

"Restaurant "Blue Sea” is a perfect place for your romantic dinner. The seaside entourage, the music of sea waves, always fresh seafood, talented and loving his job chief cook. Isn't it what you need for a luxurious holiday?