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Where to spend a summer vacation in Russia?

where to go in Russia

The Black See coast in the famous Krasnodarskiy Kray is a good choice for you, who would like to have a splendid time and improve your health.

The climate in Sochi is subtropical; the temperature is hardly rising higher than 28-30 °С during the whole summer period from June to September. You will not experience annoying heat while enjoying the fresh beauty of the trees and flowers.

The sea temperature since July until September stays stable warm at 22-26 °С. Sochi welcomes you with its clean beaches, comfortable hotels and high-security level. World famous city attractions will provide you with lots of amusing entertainments, fun and active leisure.

Sometimes, but very rarely, it happens that the cloudy days come, but we doubt that they can affect your holiday. You can always use these days as a great opportunity to go for an excursion to the mountains or visit the local attractions.

In Sochi, you will never be bored!

What else can we say about our fantastic resort? We have so big choice of fresh ecological fruits that you will never get in any supermarket! Juicy apples, plums, pears and famous Krasnodar peaches are absolutely organic and tasty. Moreover, you if you are willing to walk up the mountains, you can pluck berries yourself. In August sweet figs and grapes will make your breakfast and lunch a lot healthier. The fruit season lasts until late autumn.

The hotel complex “Zamok”

If you appreciate comfortable vacation, you are very much welcome to our hotel resort “Zamok”.

The beautiful green area just nearby the city centre, window views on the Black Sea coast, our perfect hotel services, swimming pools and luxury suites - are you still in doubt where to go on holiday?

In the hotel “Zamok” you will find comfortable rooms just for mothers with children as well as for large families.

We are looking forward to meeting you! We have prepared a sports playground, a billiard room and a cosy café. We are ready to please people of all ages, from babies to elderly.

Welcome to our «Zamok» hotel - a small “paradise island ” in the heart of Russian Resort Sochi!

Why should you choose hotel “Zamok” in Sochi?

Hotel “Zamok” is ideally located downtown,
has a high level of comfort and low prices!

Four swimming pools
for children and adults

Sauna and pool
for hotel guests

Low accommodation