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The weather in Sochi

climate in sochi russia

In Europe, it's hard to find a better climate than in Sochi. This city can boast of having up to 300 sunny days a year! Isn’t it unbelievable? Is it necessary to say that the holiday season in Sochi lasts almost always?

The nature of the place explains why the weather in Sochi is so great. The Main Caucasian Ridge and the non-freezing Black Sea in combination create a “thermal layer” which plays a decisive role in the climate of Sochi.

The thermal layer causes hot, dry summer and mild, wet winter. This kind of climate is called subtropical. But even in the subtropics, as in Sochi, the weather is divided into four seasons as we know them.

The winter in Sochi

January and February are the winter months in Sochi. Honestly, "winter" is very harsh said (if of course you don’t come from Africa). The climate in Sochi in the winter is very mild: the average temperature is 5-7° c. Sometimes but very rarely it freezes down to -10° c, and even a bit lower. However last time it happened 46 years ago.

The spring in Sochi

The spring in Sochi starts in March. Already in April sunny Sochi opens its doors for the vacation season. The average temperature for this period is around 12° C. The trees, flowers and the grass are waking up as well as the sea is warming up. At the beginning of the spring, the city is ready to meet new guests.

The summer in Sochi

It doesn’t take a long time before the summer heat comes to Sochi. Already during the second week of May the average temperature rises to 15° c, the weather rapidly gets bright and warm.

Sochi says goodbye to the spring precipitation and welcomes the summer heat. The best time for a vacation in Sochi is July and August.

In this period the sea is warm as steamed milk, the water temperature might reach +29°C! The air temperature is between +27-30 °С.

The autumn in Sochi

You are welcome to continue your summer holiday in September and October. This period is well known as “mellow season”. We would honestly tell you that this time is very special. The air temperature falls to +20,1°С, so you hardly will enjoy sunbathing. But the advantage is that there are fewer and fewer tourists, not so much heat, plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and still warm sea!

The late autumn in Sochi is careful and gentle. You will surely enjoy fresh juicy watermelons and sweet melons; the Sun is still nicely warming. On the beaches, there are swimming and sunbathing people, though mostly Sochi citizens.

The average temperature in November drops to 11° c, but the climate stays mild. During this period, the circle of seasons ends giving the beginning to a new circle.

At the end of November - beginning of December the autumn leaf fall ends, the air temperature drops to 5-8° C. The new winter will typically last just for a short time and the new spring will again welcome you to fantastic Sochi Resort!

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