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Vacation in Sochi

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Sochi today is truly considered as one of the best vacation places in the world. Our city is a real Pearl of the Black Sea coast, which attracts both tourists and business personalities for the beautiful nature.

Sochi today is truly considered as one of the best vacation places in the world. Our city is a real Pearl of the Black Sea coast, which attracts both tourists and business personalities for the beautiful nature. Once you visit the city, you will be on the spot fascinated by stunning mountain landscapes and fantastic sea views - in the middle of the modern urban infrastructure.

Nature and technologies live together here in a complete harmony! You might think that Sochi is a rather young city and has just recently been built. But it is of course not the case. Let us invite you to a little historical journey revealing the mystery of the best resort in Russia.

Short historical review

The Black Sea coast has from the ancient times been attracting human beings. Archaeological evidence tells us that the first people came here about 400 000 years ago from Asia Minor. But the place flourished only in antiquity. The ancient Greeks made a lot of great efforts to colonise the area, for this reason, they called the Black Sea "hospitable". However, all these events were happening long before our glorious city was founded.

Sochi was founded on the 12th of April 1838 and initially was named Fort Alexandria.Together with Fort Golovinsky and Holy Spirit Fort, this defensive fortification played a major role during the Caucasus Campaign.

Fort Alexandria was built to suppress the slave trade and the weapon sales.

The garrison was strong to solve the challenging tasks with honour, and son became a real problem for the enemy.

During the Crimean War, the soldiers left the coastal fortifications. Already in 1864 Fort Alexandria was rebuilt and renamed as Post Dahovskij. Some time later the name has been changed to Dahovskij Posad. In 1896, the name was changed again and became what we know today - Sochi, named after a small river nearby.

The birth of Resort

The first Sochi resort "Caucasian Riviera" was opened on the 14th of June 1909. On that day, Sochi was born as a resort town. For more than a 100 years the city has been remaining its resort status. The revolutions, natural disasters and the world wars luckily were not able to harm this little paradise.

The town was nearly not destroyed at all, and indeed flourished in the Soviet times. Here in Sochi, there was a famous villa of Joseph Stalin, which you are welcome to visit as a part of a tourist tour.

The attention of the Soviet leaders, of course, has played a decisive role in the development of the region. Sochi has quickly grown and turned into a National Health Resort. A lot of rehabilitation centres and sanatoriums were built here. Every year the amount of the “sun-loving” visitors has grown. In 1961, the seaside part of the Lazarevsky and Adler districts were included in the Resort area.

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Today the length of the Sochi coastline is more than 145 kilometres. All the large coast territory is divided into four municipalities: Central, Adler, Lazarevsky and Hostinsky districts. Any of these areas is the ideal place for your vacation!

The preparations for the Winter Olympics 2014 have completely renovated Sochi! The high standard comfortable hotels, sanatoriums and resorts welcome you along the entire coastline. You will quickly find a wide range of services to please any taste and budget.

Our resort is not only the coastal hotels and wonderful warm sea. Do not forget the beautiful skiing slopes of Krasnaya Polyana! Resort “Rosa Khutor", for example, has become a favourite destination for tourists from all over the world. The local slopes are open year round for those who can't imagine their life without winter sports!

It is not an easy task to list here all the city attractions. There are a lot of entertainment for both children and adults: tourist excursions, beautiful mountains and waterfalls, nightclubs and teen discos, yachting and skiing resort.

Of course, the resort services make a great deal of city income. But not only them! The Legacy of the 2014 Winter Olympics has turned the city into a major transport hub for the Russian South. In Sochi, there are seven modern railway stations and an international airport.

The new highways, intercity railways and improved navigation made all transport connections between coastal and mountain areas of the city easy, fast and secure.

After the 2014 Winter Olympics, the business and tourist life of Sochi enormously blossomed. All year around Sochi is open for the main international summits, business forums, important sports events. The city almost always has a significant amount of visitors. You are anytime welcome to enjoy beautiful nature and healthy climate of fantastic Sochi!

Interesting facts about Sochi

Sochi has the longest coastline among all cities in Europe.

Sochi shares the latitude with Nice, Cannes, San Remo and Monte Carlo. For this reason, they often call our town "the Russian Riviera”.

Sochi takes good care of the city history. More than two hundred unique monuments of archaeology are under the state protection.

There are tea plantations in Sochi. The most northern tea plantations in the world have the area of several hundred acres. A lot of tea grows near Matsesta Valley. There is a small tea factory where you can go for the tourist excursion.

Sochi is not only a resort city but also an education centre! There is more than a dozen of federal universities besides many branches of educational institutions from Moscow and St.Petersburg. The Russian International Olympic University is the most famous and modern one. Six Scientific and Research Institutes of national significance also located here.

Sochi is one of the very few places in the world, where you can combine the beach and snowboard or ski vacation. This feature has made our resort the most surprising and contrasting capital in the history of the Olympic Winter Games!

Sochi is a city of genuine hospitality! In a high season, the population increases from 400 000 to nearly 3 million people!

No matter of the huge number of tourists, the city is always well-kept and cosy! By the way, one of the most hospitable places along the coast is our excellent hotel!

In hotel “Zamok" you can always rely on the best accommodations and superior service! Do not delay your vacation until tomorrow! We are looking forward to seeing you right now!

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