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Black sea vacation

Nearly every Russian citizen has been to Anapa, Gelendzhik, Adler, Tuapse or Lazarevskiy Resort. For this reason, the Black Sea vacation was not considered as anything special.

But after the Winter Olympics took place in 2014, this has changed. Now a lot of Russians, as well as foreign guests, want to visit the “glorious place”. Sochi is the most attractive place at Russian Black Sea coast. Do you appreciate a holiday at a fantastic beach? We kindly welcome you here! Would you instead prefer to participate at a leading business forum? Sochi is again the right place for you! Maybe you would like to relax in nature or look forward to nightly entertainment? We can only say again: Welcome to Sochi!

They say Sochi is a kind of "little paradise". We agree on that since Sochi is surprising with plenty of incredibly exciting activities, exotic leisure, and fun.

Sochi has a subtropical climate; it is the only place in Russia, where the palm trees grow naturally. Isn’t it exciting? The weather conditions in Sochi are pleasant from May to October, both months included. For you, who likes sunshine, sea, joy and comfort and we offer to check out the daytime temperature in Sochi:

  1. January: +10 °C;
  2. February: +10 °C;
  3. March: +12 °C;
  4. April: +17 °C;
  5. May: +21 °C;
  6. June: +25 °C;
  7. July: +27 °C;
  8. August: +27 °C;
  9. September: +24 °C;
  10. October: +20 °C;
  11. November: +15 °C;
  12. December: +12 °C.

All year around the vast 146 km Sochi coastline is a hot spot. The sea temperature is comfortably warm for nearly nine months in a row, which guarantees a nice sea vacation basically during the whole year.

The high beach season starts in late May when the Black Sea warms up to 18° c. In August it is hot like steamed milk, keeping the temperature up to 25° C. In Sochi you can swim almost until the winter time. The water temperature in October is 19° C, in November is 15° C.

Hotel accommodation in Sochi

It is a brilliant idea to come on vacation to the Black Sea. Once you got this idea into your mind, hurry up solving a straightforward and pleasant task: how to get to Sochi. You can arrive here by air or by railway. Sochi International Airport, as well as the city train station, is securely connecting the famous Russian Resort with the rest of the world. In Sochi, there are more than 500 friendly hotels and sanatoriums where you are always welcome.

Many tourists choose low price hotels with excellent service. One of them is hotel “Zamok”.

Here you will get surprised by the combination of a top-quality and affordable prices.

Book online directly from our webpage: enjoy the price of just 1050 rubles per day.

Right after you are checked-in, relax and enjoy! Your unforgettable holiday starts now!

Thousands of sightseeings and entertaining events are available for you 24 hours a day:

  1. The Arboretum;
  2. Naval Station;
  3. Olympic Park;
  4. Museum of Sports Glory;
  5. Oceanarium;
  6. The Sochi Art Museum.

It is not an easy task to list here all the city attractions. There are a lot of entertainment for both children and adults: tourist excursions, beautiful mountains and waterfalls, nightclubs and teen discos, yachting and skiing resort.

Once you have decided to visit Sochi, you will no doubt remember this luxurious holiday! Sochi is one of places in the world you will never forget!

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